Choosing great workout clothes can be tricky. Staying sexy and stylish in gym wear is a #lifegoal for KELA girls. But as well as rocking your tanks, t-shirts and crops you also want to feel comfortable. You’re working out right? And you definitely don’t want to spend a whole month’s paycheck on lycra!

So how do you win when choosing your workout clothes? Read on… because KELA has some answers!

Consider the job in hand:

One pair of pants won’t fit for every workout. Soz about that! Have a variety of styles. For running or cardio work choose closer fitting crops or shorts. For yoga or pilates, wider leg pants are more appropriate.

KELA Budget tip – Save money by choosing black or muted colours rather than patterns. These will go with more of your workout tops, and you won’t need as many pairs.

Show what works… Work what doesn’t:

Show off your greatest assets. Great legs? Wear boy shorts or fitted crops. Defined arms and guns to go? It’s racer back all the way! Want to work on your assets? At KELA, we love the way Joe Wicks, a.k.a., The Body Coach trains. Check out his YouTube channel here.

Choose your underwear wisely:

It’s tempting to delve to the back of your lingerie draw to find an old bra and period pants for the gym. But it is worth spending money on what you wear underneath your workout clothes. Invest in a good bra and seamless knickers for comfort and great support!

Feel the cut of the cloth:

Give your gym buddies and yourself a break by choosing breathable fabrics that are specifically designed for workout clothes. This will ensure that sweat doesn’t get trapped between your skin and your clothes which can lead to break outs and rashes. KELA loves the Running Bare brand.

Keep your locks in place:

KELA technology guarantees that our charms won’t slip and slide, which means that they’re perfect for pinning back those pesky fly-away hairs. In the image above Kimberly wears Mischka Matte Hair Charm & Running Bare activewear. Buy your charms HERE.