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    KELA Gift Bag – pack of 20


    or 4 payments of AU$0.75 with Afterpay

    KELA Gift Bags – pack of 20

    Matte black with gold KELA logo. You will receive 20 KELA gift bags when you purchase 1x pack.

    Dimensions: 22.5cm x 19cm x 8cm

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    KELA Post Cards – pack of 20


    or 4 payments of AU$0.13 with Afterpay

    KELA Postcards – pack of 20

    When you purchase 1x pack you will receive 20 postcards.

    New York Campaign Postcard; features a large single image on the front and 9 small coloured and black & white images on the back.

    Gold Foil Postcard; features a large black & white image on the front and our signature charm range on the back.

    Golden Hour Campaign Postcard; features a pink tone postcard with a large single image on the front and 9 small images on the back.

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    Visual Merchandising Unit Kit


    or 4 payments of AU$250.00 with Afterpay

    KELA Visual Merchandise Unit display (kit).
    This kit includes:
    1 x Visual Merchandise Unit with built-in digital display
    1 x Power supply (12V) for digital display
    20 x individual charms
    1 x set of 3 charms in box


  • Sale

    Retail Play Pack


    or 4 payments of AU$50.00 with Afterpay

    KELA Retail Play Pack

    10 assorted charms with a custom-designed KELA holder bag and opening tool

    • Charms are assorted and may not be exact charms shown in images
    • Charms in this pack are for demonstration purposes only and are not for resale
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    Clipacharm Video Header Unit


    or 4 payments of AU$175.00 with Afterpay

    Clipacharm Video Header Card

    Video lasts for 9 hours with sound OFF, and 6 hours with Sound ON

    The video display must be recharged overnight.

    Recharge is done by a USB cable, and can be connected to a computer or standard USB wall adaptor.

    The video will not play when the unit is charging.

    The video is easily taken on and off the Backing Header card. It is held on with velcro strips.

    The header card is 2 sided, so when unit is charging you can turn the card around.

    The Header card fits on both the Counter Spinner Stand and the Counter Display Unit.

    Pack includes:

    • Video Display Unit
    • USB cable
    • Instruction sheet
    • Video Backing / display card
  • Sale

    Clipacharm Counter Spinner Stand


    or 4 payments of AU$175.00 with Afterpay

    Clipacharm Counter Spinner Stand
    This is for the stand ONLY