Kelly Litterick

Kelly is the creative designer and founder of KELA; Kelly spent many years feeling frustrated by the limited options available to her when looking for great hair accessories. It seemed that there was nothing that looked great, stayed put, was affordable and simple to use. Her light bulb moment came one day whilst in her bathroom trying to find a creative way to clip her hair back without having to reach for the bobby pin. She began playing around with jewellery in her hair.

As most mothers know, moments of peace in the bathroom are rare, and her daughter walked in. When she saw what Kelly was doing an overwhelming look of sheer excitement shone on her face, and she pleaded with Kelly to make her look pretty too. The following weeks involved constant requests from her daughter, for Kelly to recreate the same look, motivating Kelly to take her idea a step further.

Kelly spent three years perfecting the mechanism that holds your hair and allows the charms, chains and beads to stay put. Whilst KELA was developed, Kelly has continued to work as a Biomedical Scientist within Histopathology (Skin Cancer), raised three children and studied a genetic engineering degree, so she knows a thing or two about the need for effortless style.


Aldo Miccio

Aldo is Managing Director at KELA. Aldo has had an extensive career in senior management with appointments in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Sydney.

With his strong commercial and accounting background, expert skills in strategic planning, product management, product design and sales and marketing, all backed up with a positive entrepreneurial attitude. Aldo was the perfect person to step on board and help bring KELA to market, and to you.

If you’re a retailer and would like to stock KELA, Aldo is the man to talk to.