At KELA we believe you deserve great hair and unstoppable style every day, but on your wedding day, we want your luscious locks to be your crowning glory as you take centre stage. So, it’s game on as you decide whether to go for the perfect up-do or let your tender tresses flow freely. However you choose to wear your hair on your wedding day KELA can provide perfect hair accessories, our selection of bridal hair charms and chains will ensure your wedding day hairstyle sparkles as much as your beautiful new wedding band.

We’ve made a list of our 3 top tips to help you get your bridal hair spot on.

Prepare your Pinterest board

– We’re talking inspiration! Once you’ve chosen your wedding theme and your dress, it’s time to begin planning hair and makeup. Are you going for a classically elegant look or is vintage styling more your thing? Take a look at bridal websites and keep an eye on red carpet events, galas and celebrity award ceremonies for hair inspiration. Check out our Instagram account for fabulous photos to add to your lookbook.

Prepare to party

– Your wedding day should be the happiest of your life, you should be socialising, dancing and generally enjoying yourself! Not worried about whether your hair style is going to collapse. So when you have your bridal hair trial, plan a night out the same day, (after all, who needs an excuse…) That way you can make sure everything stays in place! Remember at KELA all of our hair charms and chains incorporate a patented fastener mechanism that never slips, so your style stays put!

Prepare to be you

– Nobody wants to feel (or look) like somebody else on their wedding day. And your groom will certainly want to recognise the girl walking down the aisle. So whilst it’s great to add some pizazz, don’t be tempted to try something totally new or radical on your wedding day.

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